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Slavic Castle of Raddusch

The Slavic Castle of Raddusch in Vetschau, Brandenburg, is an impressive building from the 9th century. The imposing earthen rampart and the interior settlement with wooden palisade reflect the Slavic architecture of the region. The fortress was a residential and defense site for the Slavic tribe of Lusatians in the Middle Ages and bears witness to their settlement. Since 2008, the Slawenburg has been on the tentative list of UNESCO. Visitors can explore reconstructed Slavic houses and workshops, enjoy views from the towers, and immerse themselves deeper into the history and culture through workshops and guided tours.

The Slavic Castle of Raddusch, often referred to as the Raddusch rampart, is located in the municipality of Vetschau in the Oberspreewald-Lausitz district in Brandenburg. This impressive structure from the 9th century exemplifies Slavic architecture in the region. Characteristic features include the imposing earth rampart and the inner settlement protected by a wooden palisade.

The historical significance of the Slavic Castle of Raddusch is enormous: it bears witness to Slavic settlement in the Middle Ages and served as a residential and defensive site for the Lusatian Slavic tribe. The inhabitants, mainly farmers, also practiced craftsmanship and maintained trade relations with neighboring Slavic communities.

The castle was included in the UNESCO tentative list for potential future World Heritage sites in 2008, underscoring its archaeological and cultural relevance.

Within the palisade, reconstructed Slavic houses and workshops provide visitors with a lively impression of the daily life of the former inhabitants. In addition, a main tower and a watchtower offer a far-reaching view of the picturesque landscape.

Today, the Slavic Castle of Raddusch houses an archaeological park and a museum. Visitors can explore the site individually with audio guides or participate in guided tours and workshops to immerse themselves in the history and Slavic life.

The exact address is:
Slavic Castle of Raddusch
Zur Slawenburg 1
03226 Vetschau/Spreewald
Brandenburg, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 51.8046762
Longitude: 14.0277372

You can find the website at:

Photo: A.Savin
License: FAL


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