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Oybin Castle and Monastery

The Oybin Castle in Saxony is an impressive Gothic building from the 14th century. It played an important role in the region and attracted artists like Goethe. Today, the castle is a tourist magnet that allows visitors to explore historical ruins and enjoy the surrounding nature. The castle also serves as a picturesque venue for weddings and concerts. It is listed as a monument and regularly restored.

Deep in the heart of Saxony, on a prominent mountain in the Zittau Mountains, you will come across the impressive ensemble of Oybin Castle and Monastery. Built in the year 1300 by the citizens of Zittau, this fortress originally served as a strategic defensive structure. Its architecture reflects the typical Gothic style of the Middle Ages.

But it is not only its stone walls that tell stories. Over the centuries, it experienced several changes of ownership and was under both the Bohemian crown and the rule of the Kingdom of Saxony. Historical milestones such as wars and sieges left their mark, and the castle became a witness to significant events. One of the most notable figures associated with Oybin Castle is Knight Helmhold von Hirschberg. This brave defender protected the fortress from numerous attacks.

As the 19th century drew to a close and time progressed, the castle transformed into a romantic ruin. Its impressive atmosphere captivated artists and writers. An outstanding visitor was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who drew inspiration from the history and aura of the place.

Today, Oybin Castle not only attracts history enthusiasts and culture lovers but also serves as a picturesque backdrop for various events. Although the site is regularly restored to preserve its historical character, it has not yet been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. So if you are looking for a place where you can delve into the depths of history and admire impressive architecture, then Oybin Castle and Monastery is the right choice for you.

The exact address is:
Oybin Castle and Monastery Complex
Hauptstraße 15
02797 Oybin
Saxony, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 50.843813
Longitude: 14.7385716

You can find the website at:

Photo: Kora27
License: CC BY-SA 4.0


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