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Marvel at the castles, palaces and fortresses of Germany

Greetings, dear wanderer of history, longing of olden times! Aren’t you just looking for the castles and palaces, the magnificent buildings and witnesses to the great history of glorious Germany? So welcome to our sanctuary of knowledge that has chosen to guard and spread those tales.

Map of Thrones Title Photo

Your journey takes you through the winding paths of the past, through high towers, deep dungeons and magnificent halls that were once home to kings and queens, knights and noblewomen, scholars and artists. They brim with tales of battle and alliance, love and betrayal, power and loss.

Our chronicle includes all castles and palaces in Germany, soon also those from the wild coasts of Ireland to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, from the sunny hills of Spain to the mystical forests of Scandinavia. Each fortress, each castle, listed with the careful description of its history, its architecture, its important inhabitants and today’s use.

This site is a compass for those who want to feel the spirit of our ancestors and trace the paths they walked. It is a beacon for all those who want to lose themselves in the past in order to better understand the present.

So, dear friend, immerse yourself in the heart of Germany, feel the throbbing of the centuries in the walls of its castles and palaces. Start your journey, explore, discover, learn and be inspired by the testimonies of a time that was long before us and yet lives on in us.