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Schloss Sch├Ânebeck

The Schloss Sch├Ânebeck in Bremen is an impressive Baroque palace from the year 1663. It was designed by architect Johann Valentin and master builder Hermann and is a jewel of architecture. Count Friedrich von Holstein had the palace built as a symbol of his power and wealth. Throughout its history, the palace survived sieges and played an important role in historical events. Today, it is used as a cultural center and attracts visitors from all over the world. The beauty of the palace and its gardens offer impressive views and invite visitors to go for walks.

Schloss Sch├Ânebeck, located in Bremen, is an architectural gem from 1663 and radiates with perfect Baroque splendor. The creative visions of the renowned architect Johann Valentin and the master builder Hermann manifested themselves in elaborate embellishments and elegant facades that serve as testimonies of their era. Count Friedrich von Holstein initiated the construction of the castle, a statement of his power and wealth.

Throughout its history, the castle played a central role in numerous historical events. For example, it survived sieges during the Thirty Years’ War and always stood as a symbol of the influence and power of its owners. The walls of the castle still tell these stories through paintings and reliefs.

The estate was once a center of social life, hosting luxurious parties and banquets. Personalities such as Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great were among the guests of this impressive place.

Over the centuries, renovations and alterations were made to adapt the castle to the needs of its owners. Particularly significant was the transformation in the 19th century, which gave the castle its characteristic residence features and added the picturesque landscape park and English garden.

Today, Schloss Sch├Ânebeck serves as a cultural center, hosting concerts, exhibitions, and receptions. Its beauty and history attract visitors from all over the world, while the extensive gardens invite for walks and offer impressive views.

The exact address is:
Schloss Sch├Ânebeck
Im Dorfe 3
28757 Bremen
Bremen, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 53.1817642
Longitude: 8.6485191

You can find the website at:

Photo: Per GoscheSchoenebecker Schloss on flickr
License: CC BY 2.0


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