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Stolpen Castle

The Stolpen Castle majestically towers over the town of Stolpen in Saxony, Germany. With its impressive architecture and significant history, it is an impressive testament to medieval construction. The castle, built in 1206, served as both a defensive fortification and a noble residence. Today, it functions as a museum, allowing visitors to gain a deep insight into medieval life. Restored rooms such as the chapel, the great hall, and the chamber provide historical artifacts and detailed information about the castle and the region’s history. Each year, thousands of people visit the castle to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Saxon landscape.

The castle Stolpen towers impressively over the town of the same name in Saxony, Germany. Built in the year 1206, it is an impressive testimony to medieval architecture and has played significant roles throughout history – whether as a fortress or as a noble residence.

Its architectural style reflects the Middle Ages, characterized by massive stone walls, towers, and a defensive appearance. Its elevated location on a mountain not only served for defense but also gives it a majestic appearance.

The castle Stolpen was not only a defensive structure but also witnessed numerous historical events. One of the most notable stories is that of Countess Cosel, the former mistress of the Saxon Elector Augustus the Strong. After their relationship ended, she was held captive in the castle – a twist of fate that fascinates many visitors today.

Today, the castle serves as a museum that allows visitors to immerse themselves in medieval life. Restored rooms such as the chapel, the banquet hall, and the ladies’ chambers open their doors to interested visitors. The exhibition presents historical artifacts and provides detailed information about the eventful history of both the castle and the region.

Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the castle Stolpen, attracted by its impressive architecture and intriguing stories. And from the towers, an incomparable view of the picturesque Saxon landscape can be enjoyed.

The exact address is:
Burg Stolpen
Schloßstraße 10
01833 Stolpen
Saxony, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 51.0478753
Longitude: 14.0813251

You can find the website at:


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