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Colditz Castle

The majestic Colditz Castle rises above the town of Colditz in Saxony, Germany. It was built in 1083 and is an outstanding example of medieval architecture with Gothic influences. The castle offers an impressive view of the picturesque surroundings and has a varied history as a royal residence, fortress, and high-security prison during World War II. Today, it is a popular tourist destination, providing insights into the history and daring escape attempts of prisoners of war. Visitors can explore the restored rooms and enjoy special events such as weddings. Although it is not listed as a World Heritage Site, Colditz Castle is definitely worth a visit.

Colditz Castle majestically overlooks the town of Colditz in Saxony, Germany. Built in 1083, it is a prominent example of medieval architecture that has been shaped over time by various architectural influences, particularly from the Gothic period. Its high towers, pointed roofs, and intricate decorations are characteristic features.

Strategically situated on a rocky promontory, the castle offers a magnificent view of the surrounding picturesque landscape. Throughout the centuries, it has undergone numerous transformations, from a royal residence to a fortress and eventually a prison. In particular, during World War II, Colditz Castle gained infamous fame as a high-security prison for Allied prisoners of war. Many of these prisoners attempted daring escapes, adding an additional historical dimension to the castle.

A special chapter in the castle’s history was written by the British soldier and later politician Airey Neave, one of the few who successfully escaped from Colditz. His remarkable escape later made its way onto the silver screen.

Today, Colditz Castle is a magnet for tourists. Guided tours provide insights into the castle’s fascinating history during the war years. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the carefully restored rooms and experience exhibitions about the courageous escape attempts made by prisoners of war. Additionally, the impressive structure serves as a popular venue for special events, including weddings.

Despite its rich history and architectural significance, Colditz Castle is not listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nevertheless, it remains an essential destination that impresses with its history of resistance and survival during challenging times.

The exact address is:
Colditz Castle
Schloßgasse 1
04680 Colditz
Saxony, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 51.1310237
Longitude: 12.804705

You can find the website here:

Photo: SKOMP46866
License: CC BY 3.0


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