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Mainz Fortress

The Fortress of Mainz in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, is an outstanding example of fortification art. Originally Roman, it was expanded in the Baroque and 19th century. Architects like Bagnato and von Groothausen shaped the star-shaped complex. The fortress experienced sieges during the Thirty Years’ War and underwent significant architectural changes under French rule in the 18th century. It was used as a protective shelter and heavily damaged during both World Wars. Today, the fortress serves cultural and scientific purposes. Visitors can explore the casemates, the ravelin, and the arsenal, while a museum tells the history of the fortress.

The Fortress of Mainz, which dates back to Roman times and has been expanded and modified over the centuries, is an outstanding testament to fortification art in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Although its most significant expansion phases occurred in the Baroque and 19th century, it is not correct to consider the year 1660 as its sole origin.

Various architects and master builders, including Johann Caspar Bagnato and Louis Adolphe and Gustav Adolf von Groothausen, shaped the fortress in the style of Baroque fortification art, characterized by its star-shaped layout.

Historically, the Fortress of Mainz has often been the site of significant events. During the Thirty Years’ War, it experienced sieges and destruction. In the 18th century, when it was occupied by the French, there were profound architectural changes. During World War I, it served to protect Mainz. In World War II, it suffered severe damage from bombing raids and required subsequent restoration works.

For centuries, the main purpose of the fortress was military defense. Today, it serves cultural and scientific purposes. The historic citadel houses event spaces for concerts and festivals. Visitors can explore the impressive arsenal, the Ravelin, the St. Georg Bastion, and the underground casemates. A museum provides deep insights into the history of the fortress.

In addition to the historic area, modern facilities can be found on the premises, which are used, among other things, by universities and research institutions.

The Fortress of Mainz encompasses several parts and structures in and around Mainz. One central and well-known part of the fortress is the citadel. The address for the citadel in Mainz is:
Zitadelle Mainz
55131 Mainz
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 49.9929514
Longitude: 8.2715106

You can find the website at: (not SSL-encrypted)

Photo: Stefan Dumont
License: CC BY-SA 3.0


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