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Kriebstein Castle

The Kriebstein Castle in Saxony is an outstanding example of late Gothic architecture from 1384. Situated on a cliff above the Zschopau River, it testifies to fortitude and power. Historically, it was the seat of the influential Einsiedel noble family. Over the centuries, architectural elements of the Renaissance and Baroque were added. Today, the castle serves as a museum showcasing its rich history, with the Knight’s Hall adorned with wall paintings standing out in particular. It attracts numerous visitors due to its architecture, history, and location.

The Kriebstein Castle, an impressive medieval fortress, dominates the town of Kriebstein in Saxony. Built in 1384, it represents an exceptional example of late Gothic architecture. Perched high on a cliff above the Zschopau River, it offers a picturesque backdrop.

Its architectural style is characterized by the late Gothic construction of the 15th century in Germany, with massive walls, towers, and battlements standing out in particular. The regional rubblestone combined with sandstone cladding gives the castle a distinctive appearance. The ring wall, former defense towers, and the inner courtyard are evidence of its fortification. Over the centuries, elements of the Renaissance and Baroque were also added.

Historically, Kriebstein Castle was the seat of the noble von Einsiedel family. The family, particularly Heinrich and his son Melchior von Einsiedel, influenced both the architecture and history of the region. The castle was a symbol of power and wealth, hosting knightly tournaments and social events.

Today, the castle houses a museum that showcases the history of the fortress and its inhabitants. The Knight’s Hall, characterized by wall paintings and a large fireplace, is particularly worth seeing. From the castle grounds, there is also a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape and the Zschopau River.

Kriebstein Castle, a culturally and historically significant building, attracts tourists and locals alike, captivating them with its architecture, history, and picturesque location.

The exact address is:
Kriebstein Castle
Burgstraße 1
09648 Kriebstein
Saxony, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 51.0554
Longitude: 13.0429

You can find the homepage at:


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