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Hartenfels Castle

Hartenfels Castle in Torgau, Saxony, majestically sits on a hill overlooking the Elbe River and is one of the most significant secular buildings of Late Gothic architecture in Germany. Built in 1460, it combines elements of Gothic with Renaissance influences. The castle played an important role in the Reformation and served as a refuge for Martin Luther. Today, it houses a museum with many historical exhibits, including the famous Cranach Altar. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the magnificent rooms, gardens, and impressive architecture. The castle is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and also offers a restaurant with a view of the Elbe.

Hartenfels Castle in Torgau, Saxony, majestically sits on a hill by the Elbe River and is one of the most important secular late Gothic buildings in Germany. First built in 1460 in the Gothic style, it skillfully combines elements of this period with Renaissance influences. The bay window and intricate decorations, indicative of late Gothic craftsmanship, are particularly prominent, while the symmetrical facade and interior design reflect the Renaissance style.

In the 16th century, Hartenfels Castle served as the residence of the Electors of Saxony and became a significant center of Protestantism. Elector Frederick the Wise played a crucial role in supporting Martin Luther’s reformist ideas. The castle became a refuge for Luther and other reformers, making it an important location for religious discussions and the exchange of ideas about the Reformation.

Throughout the years, the castle underwent various renovations and expansions, with different architectural styles being added. The chapel, especially designed in the Renaissance style, stands out with its magnificent frescoes.

Today, Hartenfels Castle houses a museum that offers visitors deep insights into the history and art of the region. Among the numerous exhibits, the Cranach Altar, a work by the renowned painter Lucas Cranach the Elder, stands out. Regular guided tours are available to visitors, leading them through the opulent rooms, historical gardens, and impressive architecture of the castle. A restaurant on the castle grounds invites visitors to experience culinary delights and enjoy the picturesque view of the Elbe River.

Hartenfels Castle is an integral part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Luther Memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg”, highlighting the immense historical relevance of the castle to Protestantism and the Reformation.

The exact address is:
Hartenfels Castle
Schloßstraße 27
04860 Torgau
Saxony, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 51.5590548
Longitude: 13.0058368

You can find the website at:

Photo: Zeppelubil / Th. Haft / Torgau
License: CC BY-SA 3.0


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