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W├Âltingerode Monastery

The magnificent W├Âltingerode Monastery in Lower Saxony is an impressive example of medieval architecture and a symbol of the historical significance of the region. Built in 1174 in the Romanesque style, it served for a long time as a Benedictine abbey and spiritual center. Despite heavy damage during the Thirty Years’ War, the monastery was persistently rebuilt. Today, it houses a religious community and offers visitors a fascinating blend of architectural brilliance and spiritual atmosphere. The picturesque park on the monastery grounds invites relaxation and contemplation. W├Âltingerode Monastery is a unique gem of the region, considered a cultural and historical highlight.

The W├Âltingerode Monastery in Lower Saxony is a magnificent example of medieval architecture and is located near the city of Goslar. Built in 1174 in the Romanesque style, it stands today as a symbol of the region’s historical significance.

Contrary to common assumptions, Heinrich the Lion was not the architect, but rather the initiator of the monastery’s construction. Under his leadership, the monastery was established as a Benedictine abbey, serving for many centuries as a central center of spiritual life.

The W├Âltingerode Monastery has experienced many highs and lows throughout its history. Particularly during the Thirty Years’ War, it suffered significant damage but was rebuilt with determination and dedication. Through various changes of ownership until the 20th century, the monastery experienced different influences and developments. Since 1950, it has been home to a religious community and serves as a spiritual retreat.

The diverse architecture of the monastery reflects the various eras of its history. While the Romanesque style forms the core, other architectural influences have been added over time. Today, the monastery attracts numerous visitors who appreciate its fascinating architecture and spiritual atmosphere.

The monastery grounds also include a picturesque park carefully designed by renowned landscape gardeners. The harmoniously laid out green spaces, ponds, and flower beds are a place of tranquility and offer a perfect environment for relaxation and contemplation.

Although the W├Âltingerode Monastery is not included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, it is an essential gem of the region, recognized for its architectural brilliance as well as its cultural and historical significance.

The exact address is:
W├Âltingerode Monastery
W├Âltingerode Manor 2
38690 Goslar
Lower Saxony, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 51.9594288
Longitude: 10.5357484

You can find the website at:

Photo: Cajus2006
License: CC BY-SA 3.0


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