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Rabenstein Castle (Bavaria)

The Rabenstein Castle in Bavaria is an impressive and fascinating castle, built in 1178. It combines elements of Romanesque and Gothic styles in its architectural design. The late Romanesque chapel and the Gothic castle tower are particularly noteworthy. The castle was an important defensive point in the region and experienced Swedish occupation during the Thirty Years’ War. Today, the castle is a hotel and event venue that offers visitors the opportunity to stay in historic walls and enjoy the atmosphere of bygone times. Falconry demonstrations are a special highlight.

Rabenstein Castle impressively towers over the Bavarian landscape and is one of the oldest and most fascinating castles in Bavaria. It was built in 1178 and still serves as a witness to the turbulent history of this region. Its architectural appearance combines elements of Romanesque and Gothic styles. The late Romanesque chapel and the Gothic castle tower, in particular, are noteworthy.

The construction project was carried out under the supervision of architect Heinrich von Rabenstein, commissioned by Burkhard II. von Rabenstein, an influential noble of his time. Heinrich von Rabenstein placed special focus on the fortification features and defense capability of the castle, which is manifested in its mighty walls and numerous watchtowers. Due to its strategic location, the castle was essential for the defense of the surrounding areas during its establishment.

Over the centuries, Rabenstein Castle witnessed significant historical events. During the Thirty Years’ War, specifically in 1632, it fell into the hands of Swedish troops. Throughout the following centuries, it changed owners several times until it was acquired by the von Finck family in the 19th century. Under their leadership, the castle was carefully restored and became a popular destination.

Throughout its history, Rabenstein Castle served as both an aristocratic residence and a defensive stronghold. Numerous nobles, in addition to the Rabenstein and von Finck families, resided here. Being a symbol of power and prestige, it also served as a backdrop for magnificent celebrations and knightly tournaments. Nowadays, the castle houses a hotel and serves as an event venue. Visitors have the opportunity to stay within historic walls and immerse themselves in the ambiance of bygone eras. A special attraction is the impressive falconry demonstrations, allowing one to experience the elegance of birds of prey up close.

The exact address is:
Rabenstein Castle
Rabenstein 33
95491 Ahorntal
Bavaria, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 49.8199655
Longitude: 11.3279428

You can find the website at:

Photo: Ermell
License: CC BY 4.0


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