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Kerpen Castle

Kerpen Castle, located in the Saarland region of Germany, is an impressive medieval fortress that was built in 1096. It served as a defensive structure and has been restored and rebuilt several times over the centuries. Today, the castle impresses with its main tower, surrounding walls, battlements, and a former moat. Inside, there is a collection of historical objects. The carefully restored complex is a popular attraction for history enthusiasts, architecture lovers, and travelers. In addition to exhibitions and guided tours, visitors can also participate in medieval festivities. The castle is also a popular venue for weddings and special occasions.

Kerpen Castle, an impressive medieval fortress, stands on a hill in Saarland, Germany. It was built in 1096 as a representative example of Romanesque architecture. Heinrich II of Kerpen, a significant nobleman of his time, commissioned the construction of this fortress, which primarily served as a defensive structure against attacks during territorial conflicts.

Over the centuries, the castle witnessed many historical twists and changes of ownership. It suffered significant damage during the Thirty Years’ War and was subsequently restored and rebuilt by various noble families, including the families of Kerpen, Leyen, and Beichlingen. In the 19th century, the castle transformed into a palace and served as a residence for noble families.

Architecturally, Kerpen Castle impresses with its dominant main tower, surrounded by a surrounding wall and battlements. A moat, which no longer exists today, once enclosed the fortress. On the north side, there is a spacious courtyard that was formerly used as a venue for social events. The interior of the castle displays intricate design and houses a rich collection of historical items, from weapons to artworks.

Today, Kerpen Castle serves as a museum and event venue. The carefully restored complex attracts history enthusiasts, architecture lovers, and travelers from around the world. The museum provides a deep insight into the eventful history of the castle and its former inhabitants. Visitors can explore the exhibitions, participate in guided tours, and even take part in medieval festivities. With its picturesque setting and romantic atmosphere, the castle is also a preferred location for weddings and special occasions.

The exact address is:
Burg Kerpen
66557 Illingen
Saarland, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 49.377182
Longitude: 7.055488

You can find the website at:

Photo: Lokilech
License: CC BY-SA 3.0


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