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Frankenstein Castle

The Frankenstein Castle in the Odenwald near Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany, was built around 1250 and is one of the oldest castle ruins in the region. As a strategic stronghold, it played an important role in military conflicts and was often besieged. Although the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe did not reside there, the castle is associated with mystical stories and legends for many. Today, the ruins attract many visitors who can enjoy the impressive view of the Odenwald. In addition, the castle is used for cultural events, including the annual Halloween festival.

The Frankenstein Castle impressively perches on a spur of the Odenwald mountains near Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany. It was built around the year 1250 and is one of the oldest surviving castle ruins in the region. Its construction, commissioned by the Landgrave of Hesse, resulted in a significant example of medieval defensive architecture.

During the Middle Ages, Frankenstein Castle served as a strategic stronghold and experienced many wars and sieges throughout its history. Its massive construction provided excellent protection and made it difficult for attackers to capture the fortress. Over the centuries, it changed owners several times and fulfilled both civilian and military functions.

A widely spread myth connects the castle to the famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who, however, did not reside there. Nevertheless, the castle holds a firm place in the public imagination and is often associated with mystical stories and legends.

Today, the ruin of Frankenstein Castle attracts numerous visitors. From its walls, there is a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape of the Odenwald. It not only functions as a restaurant but also serves as a venue for cultural events, especially for the annual Halloween festival, which attracts many guests from both Germany and abroad.

The exact address is:
Frankenstein Castle
64367 Mühltal
Hesse, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 49.790849
Longitude: 8.678972

You can find the website at:

Photo: Twine333
License: CC BY-SA 4.0


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