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Eisenhardt Castle

The Eisenhardt Castle in Bad Belzig, Brandenburg, Germany, is a historical monument dating back to 1170. The architectural beauty and the Romanesque style of the castle attract many visitors annually. It features a solid brick masonry, an octagonal keep, and a moat. The castle once served the counts of Belzig and later served as an administrative base for the margraves of Brandenburg. Despite many destructions, it has always been restored and its defense strengthened. Nowadays, the castle is an important cultural heritage site and a popular tourist destination. Visitors can explore the keep, the chapel, the knight’s hall, and the castle walls.

Eisenhardt Castle, located in Bad Belzig, Brandenburg, Germany, is a historic monument dating back to 1170. It serves as a testament to medieval architecture and attracts many visitors annually.

The architecture of Eisenhardt Castle exemplifies the Romanesque style, with numerous expansions and renovations taking place over the centuries. The solid brickwork and octagonal keep, which served as a residential tower, are particularly noteworthy. The castle is surrounded by a once-protective moat.

Founded by Albert the Bear, a key figure in the history of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, Eisenhardt Castle initially served the Counts of Belzig and later acted as an administrative base for the Margraves of Brandenburg. Despite multiple destructions and sieges over the centuries, it has always been restored and its defenses reinforced.

During its heyday, the castle served as a social hub, accommodating margraves and acting as the administrative center for the surrounding areas. Nobles and high-ranking figures sought refuge within its walls and enjoyed its hospitality.

Today, Eisenhardt Castle not only represents a significant cultural heritage but also serves as a popular tourist attraction. The State of Brandenburg is its current owner, with the Association of Friends of Eisenhardt Castle taking care of its maintenance. Visitors can explore the keep, chapel, knight’s hall, and castle walls. Regular guided tours highlight the castle’s rich history and architecture, and cultural events enrich the program on-site.

Eisenhardt Castle is not yet listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nevertheless, with its impressive architecture and historical relevance, it attracts numerous visitors. From the castle grounds, one can enjoy a magnificent view of Bad Belzig and the surrounding nature.

The exact address is:
Eisenhardt Castle
Wittenberger Str. 14
14806 Bad Belzig
Brandenburg, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 52.1369023
Longitude: 12.5845553

You can find the website at:

Photo: A.Savin
License: FAL


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