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Schlitz Castle

The Schlitz Castle is a neoclassical castle from 1806 located in the town of Schlitz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It was designed by renowned architect Friedrich Hitzig and served as the residence and protective castle for the von Schlitz family. The castle symbolizes nobility and the cultural heritage of the region, and was a central meeting point for guests from various regions. Today, it houses a luxurious hotel with historic charm and modern comfort. Burg Schlitz offers a combination of peace and beauty, as well as first-class amenities amidst lush gardens and historic monuments.

The Schlitz Castle, located in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, proudly stands in the eponymous town of Schlitz and was built in 1806.

As an outstanding example of the Neoclassical architectural style, the castle is characterized by its elegant lines and symmetrical forms. Designed by the renowned architect of the 19th century, Friedrich Hitzig, it served the Schlitz family as both a magnificent residence and a protective fortress.

Historically, the Schlitz Castle symbolizes the nobility and cultural heritage of the region. It was home to high-ranking family members who significantly influenced regional politics and society. As an architectural and social center, it attracted guests from various regions.

In addition to its function as a noble residence, the castle was also an economic hub that provided employment opportunities for many locals. As a social meeting place, it was host to numerous events and celebrations, with the Schlitz family being known for their generous hospitality.

Today, the Schlitz Castle houses a luxurious hotel that offers its guests a combination of historical ambiance and modern comfort. The interior impresses with its historic charm, opulent suites with antique furniture, and intricate decorations. Exclusive restaurants also invite guests to discover the regional cuisine.

The estate exudes a special atmosphere that bears witness to its rich history and cultural heritage. Amid lush gardens and historical monuments, the Schlitz Castle offers its guests a place of tranquility and beauty, coupled with the amenities of a first-class hotel.

The exact address is:
Schlitz Castle
Burg Schlitz 1
17166 Hohen Demzin

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 53.7025082
Longitude: 12.5489136

You can find the website at:

Photo: Binibix
License: CC BY-SA 4.0


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