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Ribnitz Monastery

The Ribnitz Monastery, also known as the Holy Cross Monastery, is one of the oldest and most striking structures in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It was built in 1232 in Gothic style and bears witness to a rich medieval history. The monastery consists of several wings and courtyards that surround the central church. With its Gothic pointed arches, cross vaults, and windows, the ensemble exudes a special atmosphere. In the Middle Ages, the monastery was an important spiritual and political center. Today, cultural events and exhibitions take place in the monastery, and a museum tells the story of the monastery and its surroundings. Although the monastery is not a UNESCO World Heritage site, it still holds immeasurable cultural value.

The Ribnitz Monastery, often referred to as the Holy Cross Monastery, is one of the oldest and most prominent buildings in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Located in Ribnitz-Damgarten, it was constructed in Gothic style in 1232 and bears witness to a rich medieval history.

Architecturally, the monastery mainly presents itself in Gothic form, complemented by Romanesque and Renaissance elements. Several wings and courtyards surround the central church. Characteristic pointed arches, cross vaults, and windows give the ensemble a special appeal.

In the Middle Ages, the monastery was a central spiritual and political center of Mecklenburg. The abbesses of the monastery enjoyed considerable influence and were in close contact with the regional ruling families. However, the Thirty Years’ War left clear traces on the monastery, resulting in a decline in its influence.

Religious life dominated the everyday routine at Ribnitz Monastery. It provided space for prayer, meditation, and cultural education for the nuns. Many dedicated themselves to literature, music, and art, creating a flourishing intellectual atmosphere. Personalities such as Abbess Anna Neander, a renowned poet and scholar, enriched the cultural heritage of the monastery.

Today, Ribnitz Monastery serves as a venue for cultural events and exhibitions. A museum on-site provides visitors with the history of the monastery and its surroundings. With its rich cultural program, ranging from concerts to theater and art exhibitions, it attracts numerous guests.

Ribnitz Monastery is not part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Nevertheless, its impressive history and architecture represent an invaluable cultural value.

The exact address is:
Ribnitz Monastery
Im Kloster 1-2
18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 54.2413832
Longitude: 12.4294213

You can find the homepage at:

Photo: Botaurus
License: Public Domain


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