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Engelthal Monastery

The Engelthal Monastery in Hesse is an impressive testimony of medieval architecture and history. It was built in 1258 and is one of the defining buildings of the region. Master Hugo and numerous craftsmen and artists created a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that still fascinates visitors today. Despite severe damage during the Thirty Years’ War, the monastery remained steadfast. Today, it offers insights into its historical significance and importance for the region as a museum. Regular tours and events keep the cultural heritage alive. Although not a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Engelthal Monastery is a place of immeasurable value for medieval research.

The monastery of Engelthal, located in Hesse, is a testimony to impressive architecture and profound history. Built in 1258, it is one of the defining medieval structures in the region. With its imposing Gothic style, it continues to fascinate visitors to this day.

Under the supervision of Master Hugo, a prominent architect of his time, this masterpiece of Gothic architecture was created. Numerous craftsmen and artists contributed their skills to its construction, which is reflected in the splendid decorations and detailed carvings.

The history of the monastery of Engelthal is marked by numerous events. It was heavily damaged during the siege of the Thirty Years’ War, but it remained steadfast through these turbulent times. Despite many changes of ownership and renovations over time, its spiritual core as a religious center persisted.

During its active years, the monastery provided monks and nuns with a place for contemplation and worship. They dedicated themselves to prayers, church services, and the study of sacred scriptures in this peaceful environment.

Today, the monastery of Engelthal serves different purposes. Part of the complex has been converted into a museum, where visitors can understand the historical significance of the monastery and its importance to the region. Regular guided tours and events keep the cultural heritage alive.

As an architectural highlight of the region, the monastery of Engelthal attracts countless visitors year after year. Its outstanding architecture represents the expertise and innovative spirit of medieval craftsmen. However, it is important to clarify that contrary to popular belief, the monastery of Engelthal is not on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nevertheless, it remains a place of immeasurable cultural value, offering insights into the religious and architectural aspects of the Middle Ages.

The exact address is:
Kloster Engelthal
Klosterstraße 2
63674 Altenstadt
Hesse, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 50.2826634
Longitude: 8.9117251

You can find the website at:

Photo: C. M.
License: CC BY-SA 4.0


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