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Hill fort castle L├╝tjenburg

The L├╝tjenburg motte-and-bailey castle is a Gothic castle from the year 1257 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It served as a strategic bulwark for the defense of the city of L├╝tjenburg during the Middle Ages. Over the centuries, it changed owners several times and was influenced by Renaissance renovations in the 16th century. Today, the castle functions as a museum and cultural site where visitors can explore restored rooms, participate in guided tours, exhibitions, and events. The L├╝tjenburg motte-and-bailey castle is a magnet for history and architecture lovers from all over the world, offering a unique experience.

The Turmh├╝gelburg L├╝tjenburg proudly sits in L├╝tjenburg, a picturesque town in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Built in 1257, it stands as a witness to a deeply rooted and captivating history.

This remarkable structure represents the Gothic architectural style, which began in the 12th century in Europe and extended until the 16th century. Characteristic features of this style include pointed arch windows, high vaults, and detailed embellishments. Although the exact architect of the castle is unknown, it is believed that various masters contributed to its design.

During the Middle Ages, Schleswig-Holstein was fraught with numerous conflicts. In this turbulent time, the Turmh├╝gelburg served as a strategic stronghold for the defense of the city of L├╝tjenburg. Over the centuries, it changed hands several times, leading to various phases of construction and alterations. An notable example of this is the Renaissance transformation in the 16th century.

As a former noble residence, the castle housed various rooms – from living quarters to kitchens to an audience chamber. Its distinctive tower allowed for a far-reaching view over the surrounding landscape, while the protective wall kept out intruders.

Over time, the Turmh├╝gelburg lost its strategic relevance and was abandoned in the 19th century. Many structures were destroyed or left to decay until it was lovingly restored at the end of the 20th century.

Today, the Turmh├╝gelburg L├╝tjenburg welcomes its guests as a museum and cultural site. Visitors can delve deep into history, explore restored rooms, and take part in regular tours, exhibitions, and events. Serving as a magnet for history and architecture enthusiasts from around the world, it offers a unique experience.

The precise address is:
Turmh├╝gelburg L├╝tjenburg
Nienthal 10
24321 L├╝tjenburg
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 54.3022282
Longitude: 10.5691151

For more information, visit:

Photo: Matthias S├╝├čen
License: CC BY-SA 4.0


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