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Storkow Castle

The Storkow Castle in Storkow (Mark), Brandenburg, Germany, was built in 1250. As an impressive example of medieval architecture, it dominates the hill above Lake Scherm├╝tzelsee with its Gothic style. The massive castle with its towers attracts many visitors each year. Originally serving as a border fortress for the Wettin margraves of Meissen, it later became a protective castle and administrative seat for the Brandenburg margrave Johann I. After undergoing various transformations, it became a poorhouse in the 19th century and fell into disrepair. It was restored in the 1990s and is now accessible as a museum. The castle also provides a picturesque backdrop for events.

The Storkow Castle, located in Storkow (Mark) in Brandenburg, Germany, was built in 1250. As an impressive testimony of medieval architecture, it dominates the hill above Lake Scherm├╝tzel with its Gothic style. Its massive walls and towers, witnesses of expansions and changes over the centuries, attract numerous visitors annually.

Historically, the Storkow Castle served as a border fortress against the Slavs for the Wettin Margraves of Meissen. Later, it came into the possession of the Brandenburg Margrave Johann I. and protected the surrounding villages as an administrative center and protective castle. Personalities like the Knight of Storke, a high-ranking Brandenburg nobleman, are inseparably connected to its history.

Over time and after various renovations, including its use as a poorhouse in the 19th century, the castle fell into disrepair. It was not until the 1990s that it was extensively restored and opened to the public as a museum. This museum not only highlights the history of the castle but also the cultural life of the region. Exhibits such as weapons, armor, artwork, and archaeological finds provide insights into the past. The experience is complemented by historically furnished rooms and breathtaking views of the landscape and Lake Scherm├╝tzel from the castle walls.

Every year, visitors from all over the world flock to Storkow Castle, attracted by its captivating history and architecture. It also offers a picturesque backdrop for events, including weddings, concerts, and medieval markets.

The exact address is:
Schlo├čstra├če 6
15859 Storkow (Mark)
Brandenburg, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 52.2528781
Longitude: 13.9307258

You can find the homepage at:

Photo: Leut
License: CC BY 3.0


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