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Johannisburg Palace

The impressive Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, is an example of stunning Renaissance architecture. It was built between 1605 and 1614, not in 1425 as originally believed. The architect Georg Ridinger, not Albrecht Dürer, designed the castle, which stands out for its striking towers and the harmonious combination of red Main sandstone and radiant white. Once serving as a residence for the electors, it housed impressive art collections. Today, the castle museum is worth a visit and showcases a collection of artworks and historical objects. Johannisburg Castle remains a historical landmark, even though it is not listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Schloss Johannisburg, located in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, is an impressive example of Renaissance architecture. The castle was built between 1605 and 1614, not in the year 1425 as previously stated. It was constructed under the direction of the Strasbourg master builder Georg Ridinger, not by Albrecht Dürer, who was known as a painter and not as an architect. The impressive property features four distinctive towers and a harmonious combination of Red Main sandstone and the radiant white of the plaster.

Throughout its history, Schloss Johannisburg has witnessed significant events. During the Thirty Years’ War, it held strategic importance and saw many sieges. In the 18th century, under the rule of Elector Karl Theodor, it experienced a special heyday and became one of the most magnificent residences in Bavaria.

During its function as an electoral residence, Schloss Johannisburg served as accommodation for the court. The splendidly furnished rooms were both reception areas for guests and living spaces for the Elector’s family. Additionally, it housed important art collections and became a center of cultural activity.

Today, Schloss Johannisburg serves various purposes. A large part of the building is dedicated to the Castle Museum, which showcases an impressive collection of artworks and historical objects. Visitors also have the opportunity to explore the imposing banquet halls and former living quarters of the Electors.

According to my research, Schloss Johannisburg is not listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nevertheless, it remains a historical and cultural landmark that attracts numerous visitors from around the world every year.

The exact address is:
Schloss Johannisburg
Schloßplatz 4
63739 Aschaffenburg
Bavaria, Germany

The GPS coordinates are:
Latitude: 49.9761702
Longitude: 9.1389652

You can find the website at:

Photo: Rainer Lippert  → Edited version: Steffen Schmitz (Carschten)
License: CC0


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